volunteer opportunities

Interested in volunteering with us? New volunteers are always welcome to assist us in our community programs. There are lots of ways you can become involved.

Volunteering is a key aspect of our community life and source of enjoyment. Members of Merewether Uniting, their friends, locals and volunteers referred through the Hunter Volunteer Centre, volunteer together at Community Activities Centre Merewether.

They volunteer to make a difference, to help others and to meet new people. They discover the many benefits of volunteering include improved physical and emotional health, learning new skills, making new friends, creating community, gaining new purpose and having fun.

Merewether Uniting community networks with other organisations and service groups in providing community activities. We all benefit from working together and enjoy the friendships that develop along the way.

Community network

Volunteering and community programs are in recess following Covid restrictions, please contact Jennifer Ebrill.

Volunteer with the Community kitchen

The Community Kitchen Merewether is a volunteer led group, providing a free 3 course meal to more than 80 people each Tuesday (February to Christmas).

The meal is provided for all who are in need of food and/or companionship and food is given to take home.

Food and encouragement, companionship and support are given to many who have insufficient resources for life. This is a safe place where people from all sections of society can meet. Supportive friendships develop amongst volunteers and those who attend and everyone is enriched by being involved.

Volunteer with the Merewether All-Sorts

Merewether All-Sorts is a volunteer led group for people who have lost abilities from adverse health events or accident, providing a space for friendship, fun and strengthening skills.

The group is supported by occupational therapy and physiotherapy students, a registered nurse and other volunteers.

The program includes exercises, games, activities, entertainment by local groups and occasional lunch outings.