Each Sunday at 9.30am we gather to reflect, encourage and strengthen our commitment to the values that Jesus lived and taught. This begins with adults and children sharing stories of their week and wider world events. The time together is guided by the insights of Progressive Christianity and also includes contemporary words and songs in an informal format with discussion connecting our identity as followers of Jesus, with the complexities of everyday life. 

Music and singing is integral to gathering together. The words we say and sing cause us to reflect on how we think of God, spirituality, meaning and ourselves. We welcome the discussion that words used brings. Adults and children are often involved in leading worship and creative activities for everyone are a regular part of worship.

Sunday gatherings follow the lectionary readings with a focus on the stories of Jesus and celebrate special times- advent, Christmas, Easter, Volunteer Week, Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, Stroke Week, Social Justice Sunday and the Season of Creation.

Sunday gatherings include Scripture readings, contemporary readings and stories, a reflection, singing and prayers.

Communion is usually held on the 1st Sunday of each month.

The Sunday morning gathering continues in the hall with morning refreshments including Fair Trade tea and coffee while children play in the hall and/or with outside play equipment.

Merewether Uniting Church is located at 178 Glebe Road Merewether NSW, Australia 2290. See map

Merewether UCA Sunday gatherings  – 9.30am

Christmas Service

Christmas Day This year we will be joining with the Adamstown Uniting Church on Christmas Day. You are most welcome to join us.

Easter Services

Good Friday 9.30am
Easter Sunday 9.30am

Leadership team

Rev. Jennifer Burns has been the minister at Merewether Uniting since August 2013. Jennifer is a registered nurse with lifelong experience in community engagement. Jennifer is passionate about following the way of Jesus in the 21st century in ways that are consistent with our current scientific knowledge and that bring fullness of life to all people. Jennifer has led the church community to deepen their understanding of life and engage more fully with community activities, the formation of Merewether All-Sorts and the growth of the Community Kitchen Merewether. Jennifer retired from her position at Merewether in September 2021. The congregation is currently being led by lay leadership.

Mr. Bill Hennessy, retired teacher and lay leader is a regular worship leader at Merewether Uniting.

Other lay leaders regularly lead on Sundays.

Study & Social Groups

There are a number of midweek study groups, exploring ideas about spirituality and meaning in life. There are also 2 social groups enjoying friendships. 

For more information about Sundays or any of our programs at Merewether Uniting Church please contact Jennifer Ebrill.