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  • Newsletter 2018.10
  • Dear Merewether friends,

    In December, Christians begin a new liturgical year and enter into the rich and ancient four-week season of Advent. For many Christians, Advent may pass virtually unnoticed, as the celebration of “Christmas” as a secular and intensely commercial feast can sometimes seem to consume December.

    It is possible however, to take up Advent’s offer to dive deeply into a counter-cultural time of reflection, a space of hopeful and patient waiting and discernment, of noticing God’s incarnation at work in everyday events in our world today.

    Advent was first noted around the year 350, about the same time Christmas is first mentioned as being celebrated. The liturgical year, with its broad seasons of Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter, evolved within the world of the Roman Empire — a northern hemisphere world. People living in the empire identified and adapted parallels between the natural world they inhabited and the words, music and images of their sacred time in worship. As the daylight dwindled, they yearned and leaned toward the return of light. And as they saw God’s hand in the rhythm of the seasonal changes, they believed and proclaimed that the birth of Jesus, “the light of the world,” would herald that longed-for return of light that demonstrated God’s reign of peace and harmony alive in the world.

    As we enjoy the bright light of the emerging summer, we can celebrate Advent with a sense of expectation. We are invited to slow down and notice, to notice God’s presence of love alive and influencing in the world. I read recently that every act of kindness brings us face to face with God. I am fortunate to have many opportunities at Merewether’s Community Activities Centre and with the congregation to notice kindness and care and to have conversations that reveal deep longing for and experience of deep kindness.

    As advent draws you on towards the season of Christmas, may you notice the many acts of kindness, care and love which surround you and be encouraged in the knowledge that these are evidence of God’s incarnation continually being born.


    Rev. Jennifer

    0411 133 679

    Merewether UCA Gatherings


    December   2nd. 9am. Rev. Jennifer

    December 9th. 9am. Rev. Jennifer

    December 16th. 9am. Rev. Jennifer

    December 23rd. 9am. Rev. Jennifer

    December 25th. 9am. Rev. Jennifer

    December 30th. 9am. Venture Out

    January  6th.  9am. Rev. Nerida Drake

    January 13th. 9am. Mr. Bill Hennessy

    January 20th. 9am. Rev. Nerida Drake

    January 28th. 9am. Mr. Bill Hennessy


    Merewether  UCA Regular Events


    TUESDAY February-December

     Merewether All Sorts


    Community Kitchen

    Volunteers from 2pm

    Meal served at 6pm


    Carpenter Court Aged Care Plus

    4th Wednesdays at 3pm

    Gourmet Gatherings spirituality discussion group Monthly on Wednesday at 7pm


    9am worship

    7pm Taize service- 2nd Sundays bimonthly at Adamstown UCA



    Cards available for sale each Sunday in December & at Carols in the Park.

    Sunday 2 December at 5.30pm in park behind Merewether Uniting. Join with Adamstown and New Lambton Uniting Churches and local community members as we celebrate Christmas with carol singing. Guest singers include Heather & Adam Price, Matthew & Kathy Clark & Margaret Hoffman, The Community Kitchen Singers and New Lambton Uniting musicians.

    BYO picnic and food to share


    Christmas hamper donations are needed for The Community Kitchen hampers. 1200 hampers will be packed with tinned and packets of foods, long life items including milk and Christmas goodies. One idea is to add an extra item to your shopping each week and donate food mid-December. The Community Kitchen Christmas meal is 6pm Tuesday 18 December and hampers will be packed from 10am on 17 December.


    Christmas Bowl donations provide a hand up, not a hand out. Gifts to the Christmas Bowl will support local partners around the world to both meet urgent need and create change that lasts. Donation envelopes are on back table in the church.

    Dec 30th and January worship

    At Merewether Uniting December 30th is Venture Out Sunday. We will experience something new by visiting and joining with Adamstown Uniting’s 9am service. Bob Jakes will call in ad stay at Merewether Uniting until 9am this Sunday in case anyone forgets or to welcome and bring any visitors to Adamstown. Please join in this visit, experiences can be shared the following week at Merewether. During January, Rev. Jennifer is on leave and services will be led by Rev. Nerida Drake and Mr. Bill Hennessy. Rev. Jennifer returns Tuesday 29 January.


    Thank you to all who belong and contribute to Merewether Uniting. Your presence and contribution are appreciated and essential to our community. May you enjoy the break from our usual activities, the visiting leaders for our Sunday gatherings in January and take time to renew yourself for the coming year.