Activities for Merewether UCA include

Worship 9am on Sundays

Merewether Allsorts- Community Activities Group 10am-2pm Tuesdays February – December

The Community Kitchen Merewether serves a free meal on Tuesdays February – December at 6pm. Volunteers come from 2pm. February – December. Orange Sky Laundry partners with The Community Kitchen providing their mobile laundry van to wash and dry clothes

Playgroups on Thursdays
Please see individual pages for details of each of these activities

Also in the hall on multiple days each week are The AUTHENTIC Child drama classes organised by family COUNSELLOR Nicole Neave.
Over years of experience with children Nicole believes that she has hit upon a perfect recipe to teach young children to become emotionally intelligent-which follows through for the rest of their lives.
We teach children to truly believe in their authentic,natural selves,to celebrate their differences and to recognize that they are meant to be exactly as they are and to relish in their uniqueness is the key to being heroes in their own lives.
Our tutors do this through different fun mediums,including drama,speech and play.The children have so much fun that they dont realise that we are teaching them strong emotional intelligence!
Our classes are divided into preschool age and primary aged children